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Brussels 2014 - A Beer Odyssey!

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April 18 (Thursday) @ 19:00 -> GoNAD #211

what: pubcrawl downtown Bruxelles

hares: Yark Sucker and Pick A Window

theme: Zinneke magic

venue: Via Via Traveller's Café at Quai à la Houille 9, 1000 Brussel

public transport: metro Ste Catherine then follow trail

History of the GoNADs

Founded on the 25th of September 1993 by Phil “P.EnNIS” Ennis as the Oostende Hash House Harriers, this hash ran monthly in - unsurprisingly - Oostende, on the Belgian coast. In 1995 Phil married and moved to the suburbs of Brussels, and decided to take his GoNADs with him. A renaming ceremony was performed, one fine autumn day, with the intention of renaming the hash the Oostende Nomads. Unfortunately, a combination of the utter stupidity of those present and a bottle of Beckerovka resulted in the name Oostende GoNAD H3. The main theme of the GoNADs up until Phil's departure in 1996 was to organize “runs” in as many pubs/countries as possible.

Since then, the cherished GoNADs have been held together by a faithful few, including the utterly useless Ee Jack Yer Late, the marginally more productive Try A F**k, Master of Disaster Higgins, Hash Diva Dr PP, the completely insane Higgins again (oh noooooo), overachiever Yark Sucker, beauty and the beast Pink Panther & Sparerib, absent-minded Quartermasters Mangina & Higgins v2.1. Following her move back to Brussels and after a day-out to the Brugges Beer Festival the crew is happy to announce the return of Captain Yark Sucker at the helm of the drunken ship, ably assisted by Quartermaster Pick A Window since the 16th of March 2013.

Run # 69 saw the visit of Wet Meat (San Diego area hasher) who introduced us to the concept of a pick-up hash, from his Sheraton suite downtown Brussels. This was the kick-up of the GoNAD much needed regeneration (degeneration ?) and numbers of participants have been up and standing (well...) since.

These days, GoNADs gatherings format is flexible and can be anywhere between a pubcrawl and a pick-up live hare run ! We do travel abroad so be afraid, be very afraid !!